The Thrill of World of Warcraft Gold PvP (Player vs Player)

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Player vs. player (PvP) combat in World of Warcraft, for those who love the thrill of it, is one of the most entertaining elements. This is wow gold especially true for those near or at the level cap, though PvP at other level ranges is of interest to a variety of players, as well.

One form of PvP is often referred to as World PvP. This involves random PvP throughout the various open zones of the world, often wow gold times outside raid instances, as well.

World PvP is quite exciting at times, especially on PvP servers, where one must watch his or her back whilst leveling, lest one suffer a surprise wow gold assault at an inconvenient time. Sometimes this can become group PvP, as well, a rather self-explanatory term referring to PvP-ing while in a group either versus lone targets or other groups.

However, the most popular form of PvP at this time would be battlegrounds: instanced zones much like dungeons allowing only a limited number of players on each side to engage one another in a selected area of combat. The wow gold various battlegrounds would include Alterac Valley, currently the largest one allowing 40 players per side, and Warsong Gulch, currently the smallest, which has a capture-the-flag style of warfare allowing ten players per side.

Each battleground varies in the manner in which victory is determined. For example, Alterac Valley requires the death of the enemy general, while in Warsong Gulch the victor is decided by whichever side captures three flags first.

The rewards also vary. While the main interest of most PvP-ers is gaining honor points from slaying opponents and bonus honor from participating in the various battlegrounds, many are also in it for the reputation rewards. Each of the wow gold current four battlegrounds is also home to a certain faction. Stormpike/Frostwolf, for example, is the home faction in Alterac Valley. The various factions allow players to gain a variety of reputation rewards in addition to the honor points gained during the battle.

Battlegrounds are also currently the fastest and easiest method of gaining the honor points required to buy the PvP class sets.

Another somewhat new addition to PvP is the Arena system. The Arena system allows players to purchase a team charter and, through this, establish an arena team to compete in the various sections such as 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5. Winning arena games increases the team ranking, while losing reduces the team ranking. The higher the ranking wow gold the more arena points are gained at the end of a particular week. Much like honor points, you are required to spend a number of arena points per item you wish to buy. In general, Arena gear is superior to normal PvP gear, but it is often earned by those wearing the PvP gear sets.

One final point: obviously acquiring a team is a requirement for the Arena, as teaming up in the Arena can greatly increase your ability to survive, as well as your enjoyment and general sanity level while grinding through the battlegrounds. It is also in your best interests to locate a teammate while attempting the honor grind. It always helps to have someone you trust watching your back.
So, go forth and enjoy the battle!

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