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  I hope you find these World of Warcraft Tips helpful. They are not meant as a way to cheat, but wow gold rather as way to help you enjoy this fantastic game even more. These World of Warcraft Tips are meant to give you ways to save time as well as ways to avoid wasting time. As I find more World of Warcraft Tips I will add them to this page, so check back often. WoW Tip #1 Auto-Looting - To save wow gold yourself a lot of time, Auto-Loot everything after a kill by doing a Shift + Right Click on the fallen foe. WoW Tip #2 Multi-Questing – Do not do quests one at a time. Get as many quests as you can find before heading out. As soon as you enter a new map region, the first thing you should do is head on over to the main town and get all the wow gold quest’s you can by speaking to all the NPC’s you find. Once you get the quests, head on out and start exploring and questing. If a quest seems like a big waste of time, requiring you run around from person to person for an hour or so, then abandon the quest and work on another one, it just isn’t worth you wasting all of that time. WoW Tip #3 Solo Quests vs. Group Quests – In the World of Warcraft, there are times when it may become necessary to join a group in order to complete a quest. While joining a group will speed up your power game enormously, make sure wow gold you do it only when it’s to your advantage. In WoW, about ¾ of quests are solo quests with the remaining ¼ being group quests. Solo - If you intend to solo the group quests, it is important that you wait until your character is a few levels higher and the quest becomes green, otherwise it will be a big waste of time. Groups - Groups work well! But they must be efficient groups. Beware of joining badly organized groups, they will slow you down! A badly formed group is one that continuously dies while trying to complete a quest or it’s a group that jerks around, not getting anything accomplished. You would be far better off going solo than joining this kind of group. If you are strong at mele and have a quick way to heal yourself such as a Paladin or a Shaman, then you may be far better off going solo. For those of you who are warrior types that are strong at mele, but can’t heal worth a darn, and those of you who are priests and mages who have little armor function. You are better off working in groups. WoW Tip #4 WoW Level-Grinding - A great way (albeit a boring way) to quickly gain experience and grind out a level is by killing stuff that is a few levels below you (green). Like I said, it’s boring, but it pays! By killing wow gold weaker creatures, you minimize the amount of damage you take, you kill them quickly, and you have quick recovery due to low or no damage taken. The experience gained from quick, numerous kills adds up faster over time than the higher experienced gained from killing more powerful creatures, because higher level creatures cause much more damage to you, which means a great deal more down time for you. Whenever you find yourself struggling with a quest, do some level grinding and get your levels up, then finish the quest. Let me reiterate! Do not take on a quest that is 3 or more levels higher than you unless you are doing it with a competent group. Why spend hours and hours of valuable time trying to do the near impossible when you could have spent those hours level grinding and gaining valuable levels for your character who would then be powerful enough to finish the quest much more easily. This is how to power your way to WoW upper levels. WoW Tip #5 Weapon DPS – Too often players will mistakenly wow gold put DPS (damage per second) on their weapons as it’s primary factor. This is wrong and here’s why! Abilities such as % to critical and damage bonuses are calculated based upon the damage of the weapon or the weapon’s speed. DPS is just an average and a character’s ability is never used in the computing.

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